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Dennis Erickson to Coach UCLA in 2006?

Well ... that is what some Fresno State fans are speculating. From the Fresno State blog's Pac-10 preview:

UCLA 6-5(5-3)-On paper UCLA is a top 15 team. There is talent everywhere, QB, RB, WR, and especially on defense, where the Bruins have one of the best linebacking units in the country. Two years ago UCLA started out 6-2 with a young team and a new coach. It looked like they could contend for the Pac 10 title in 04 and be serious national title contenders in 05. UCLA has gone 6-11 since that great start in 03 and have back to back bowl losses to the WAC and MWC. Karl Dorrell has been a disappointing hire, I expect him to be gone after this year, and UCLA to make a big name hire(Dennis Erickson?) to try to keep up with crosstown rival USC.
One angle of connection - it was Donahue who hired Erickson in San Francisco.  Together they f*cked up one of the crown jewels of the NFL (not to mention Donahue kept Mooch from meeting UCLA officials back in 02 - whole another sore topic).  But ... still Erickson would be an immense upgrade over the 12-13 Dorrell. We here at BruinsNation of course would prefer someone fresh like Hawkins or Leach, or Butch Freaking Davis.