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Tears of a (Trojan) CLOWN

They kill (the Juice), they (allegedly) rape (Russell), they are overhyped (Meshawn Johnson), and now they apparently walk off the field crying. From our friends at the TrojanHatersClub, the latest exploits of a Trojie football alum:

It wasn't Gitmo, but one ex-trojan still couldn't handle it.

Trojan dropout Manuel Wright showed up at Miami Dolphin Training Camp yesterday, only to run home in tears. Apparently, Manuel showed all the negatives that prompted us to bash Miami for taking him in the first place.

He looked fat and out-of-shape, and allegedly, he showed no guts or determination, he was slow, and he constantly complained about every little ache and pain.

Head Coach Nick Saban (formerly of LSU) said that the coaches were just trying to motivate the disappointing Rookie. He said that Wright's got some serious issues, and that the Staff is working hard to whip him into mental as well as physical shape.

But the crybaby couldn't take the (Miami) heat, so he got out of the kitchen.

The National Press got ahold of the video clip where Wright is walking off the field in disgrace. Not only is he crying like an infant, but he is wiping away the tears with the bottom front of his jersey. When he pulls up the shirt, several rolls of blubbery fat were vividly exposed to the TV camera.
LMMFAOROFL.  Poooor Manny ... doesn't he know? There is no crying in football!!