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Let's get it started - depth charts, online media guide ...

The crew from Morgan Center rolled out their off-season work products yesterday to get started for the season. Here is the latest UCLA roster and depth chart.  Some interesting tidbits stick out right away.  Amazing that Meyers beat out Chai for the backup C position, and Williams is ahead of Markey at TB.  Also BO has apparently ovetaken Cowan for the third spot in the QB rotation behind the DO and Koral.  I really wish we had moved McNeal to the LB position.  We can't afford any injuries among Marcedes, Blanton, Drew, Brown, and Hickman ... because the talent dropoff his huge.

Also, the online media guide is out with this nifty little graphic:

Make sure to check it out, which includes schedules, and get this a glorifed bio. of a 12-13 headcoach who has gone 1-10 against teams with winning records during his first two years. Yes ... it's the onslaught of pre-season baby!  We are all UNDEFEATED (even Karl Dorrell) and gunning for the top this time of year! BTW ... it is hot as hell out here in the East.  I miss sweet home California. GO BRUINS.