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SI's John Walters: SEC powers have no clothes ...

Sports Illustrated's John Walters becomes the first MSM reporter to officially say SEC football powers have no clothes (emphasis ours):

Contests between schools who do not compete in the same conference are known as "intersectional games," except in the Southeastern Conference, where they are known as "wins." See, SEC teams rarely schedule worthy non-conference foes and even less often do they leave home to play them. Les Miles isn't just an SEC coach; it's an SEC credo. This year the 12 SEC schools will play a total of six intersectional games on the road. They are:

Sept. 1: Vanderbilt at Wake Forest
Sept. 17: Mississippi State at Tulane
Sept. 17: Arkansas at Southern California
Sept. 17: Kentucky at Indiana
Nov. 5 : Tennessee at Notre Dame
Nov. 26 : Georgia at Georgia Tech
(though this is actually an annual rivalry)

Kudos to the Hogs and Vols for risking their seasons with a tough road trip. Shame on Auburn, Florida and LSU for playing it safe. Memo to the SEC: This is why you can go undefeated and not play for the national title. We don't want to hear how the SEC is the toughest conference in the nation after it went 3-3 last bowl season.

Memo No. 2 to the SEC: There's this contraption, see. You put people in it and it magically transports them through space. No, not the General Lee. An airplane. Try it sometime.
LMAO! Credit goes to the tireless work of HP (BTW HP has a new look now too) and CFR for pushing this last few months.  It does show to us how concerted efforts from the blogosphere putting forth commentaries, observations, and analysis backed up by well researched facts and stats. do have positive impacts.  Now we will have to the standard SEC shills on the Eastern Sports Programming Network like Barnhart, Ron Franklin, will recognize the obvious trend of SEC teams fattening up on cupcakes over the years to boost their records and national profile.  I am not going to hold out hope for ESPN seeing the light.  The idiots from that network still think Lavin got a raw deal at UCLA, why would they start making sophisticated observations in college football now?  Anyways, the fact that this story was written - we will take than a sign of progress.  We can only hope so much from the lazy and boilerplate MSM.