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What could have been, take 2

Ummm.  Just imagine reading a LA Times story about how UCLA head coaches Ben Howland and Urban Meyers were having regular breakfast sessions with the Coach:

Meyer gets a lot of his philosophy from John Wooden. The two have never met, but Meyer saw the former UCLA coach speak at a clinic a few years back and was hooked.
We know Coach Howland is always seeking out the Coach, but Dorrell? (groan).  Anyways, perhaps Urban Meyer will turn out to be what was Rick Pitino to UCLA hoops. We could have gotten Pitino in 2000 if then UCLA AD Peter Dalis actually showed some cajones and made the right move, but he didn't. We never got Pitino - he ended up in Louisville, and we ended up getting another great coach in hoops.  We could have gotten Coach Meyer in 2002, if the so called football coach search committee led by Bob Fields actually did some of their homework, instead of saddling us with a finalist lists of winners like Dorrell, Riley and Robinson. So perhaps we missed out on Meyer (I see him staying in Gainesville for a while), but may be we won't miss the boat next time around, which could be at the end of this season or the next one.

Anyways, one more article of interest concerning Bruin football this morning. It is in the OC Register, featuring former Bruin superstud linebacker Robert Thomas.  Looks like Thomas, just like his former teammate DeShaun Foster, is doing his part to give back to his Southern California community.  Now that is what we like to call spirit of blue and gold.  GO BRUINS.