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Boomer Sooners ...

We all have September 17, 2005, marked in our calendars. That's the day of course Stoops and co. will be storming into the Rose Bowl backed up by the requisite ESPN and national hype to crush our Bruins.  And of course the legions of Dorrellistas will be trying to lower the expectations for that game by talking about how Bruins will need to play tough, hang in, and shoot for magical, mystical moral victory moments, creating lots of feel good by lines for our boy wonder head coach.

Let's make it simple right now.  We fully expect UCLA to win that game.  We should win such a high profile game with the eyes of the entire college football world upon us.  We will have a loaded offense with a senior QB (backed up by BO, Cowan et al), Drew leading a stable of experienced tailbacks, Marcedes heading the receivers corps, Big Blanton anchoring the OL, and a defense which will have no shortage of stars anchored by the Pac-10 fiercest LB tandem of London and Havner, Page leading our secondary, and defensive line, which should be lot more experienced going into second season.  We are going to have a lot more on this game as the season gets underway.  But right barring catastrophic rash of injuries expectations should be nothing short of a Bruin W on September 17.  And looks like even KD supporters are expecting a win against the Sooners:

We clearly played usc better than Oklahoma. OU was never even in that game -- and that was the National Championship game. But for one bad call, we may have won that game, while OU got blasted 55-19 (and didn't OU score the final 9?) . . .

OU looked pathetic and confused against sc -- and that was with their Heisman QB.

Also, OU plays TCU (5-6, last season) and Tulsa (4-8) at home before coming to the Rose Bowl. Two games they'd win with me at QB (and trust me, I'm no QB).

This game worries me much less than just about every Pac-10 game. I, for one, think we'll win fairly easily (though the score may indicate a closer game).
Well there ya go! Who are we to rain on his parade?  KD must beat Oklahoma.

BTW check out our online poll on the right hand column.  So far more than 70 percent of voters have made it clear - they expect KD to win at least 8 regular season games this upcoming season.  We think he needs to win 9 total (which may include a win at the bowl game).  But one thing is become clear - folks are not going to be happy if people try to spin a 7 win season as a successful one on behalf of KD.  He simply will need to resign if he doesn't meet the bare minimum expectations of winning 8-9 games after his third season in charge of his program.  He must win this year, and we expect one of them to come against the Boomers Sooners who gave up 55 points last time they showed up on a football field.