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HeismanPundit Defrocks the SEC plus some housekeeping notes ...

Can't really describe how much we are enjoying watching the Heismanpundit giving it to the folks from land NASCAR and grits.  He is finally saying out loud what we have been all whispering.  SEC is a charade, a joke built upon MSM's hype, spearheaded by the Eastern Sports Programming Network bloated with sportscasters and "analysts" from that part of the country.

We have been just watching ... helplessly ... these idiots shit on the PAC and our power teams year after year at the expense of their top heavy teams who play no one during the beginning of the season (noted exception being TN) and then fatten up on the creampuffs of their own conference. Here is the Heisman:

In the last five years, the SEC has won 395 regular-season games. Of those 395 wins, 121 of them have come against non-BCS competition. That's 31% of its win total, for those keeping score at home.

The Big 12 has won 406 games the last five years, with 127 coming against non-BCS opponents, or 31%.

By comparison, the Big 10 has won 352 games over the last five years, 88 of them coming against non-BCS foes. That's exactly 25% of its win total.

The Pac-10 has won 322 games over the last five years, 83 coming against non-BCS foes, or 26%.

What's more, the SEC's regular season record against BCS opponents in the last five years is 27-30. The Pac-10, which has two fewer teams, has played 12 more games against BCS opponents and has produced a regular-season record of 39-30.

The SEC is 121-10 against the rest of its non-conference schedule.

Again, we ask: If this is the best conference in the country, why won't its teams schedule anyone of note?

This is exactly what we need.  We need bloggers finally taking on these ridiculous notions of SEC of being mythical, mystical, magical conference, which is second to note.  All it is - is a conference of bunch of lower tier public schools with shady academic reputations (helloooooooo Phllip Fulmer), who get on ESPN, beating up on shitty teams, building on their over-rated pre-season rankings, and then getting into BCS games through an all-out PR blitz boosted by the entire weight of their universities.

Oh speaking of OOC games/matchups - Heisman agrees with us concerning OU v. UCLA - he sees no reason why Dorrell should not be able to beat the Boomer Sooners right in our back yard.

Lastly, on housekeeping note ... just wanted to mention how psyched we are with the traffic on BruinsNation.  We are taken back really ... on the numbers from first three weeks.  More than 7,000 unique visits and almost 19,000 page views.  Wow.  Good stuff.  Thanks so much to everyone for keep coming back.  Thanks to the folks who are posting some great information about our hoops program with pragmatic takes showing the savvy of a budding online community of BruinsNation who keys on reality rather than blind loyalty to a single individual.  Keep it up guys.  Post away  - create your diaries in the right hand column, post away in the comments section.  We are only going to grow as we head towards the late summer camps.  This is going to be the year in which KD will have to put up or shut up, and Coach Howland's crew will take the next steps to bringing the Bruin hoops back.  We are planning to being here every step of the way reporting, observing, analyzing, celebrating and having a good time covering Bruin sports while at the same time not be afraid to speak the truth when it will be necessary to hold the leaders of our university accountable.  Can't wait till the kickoff on September 3rd.