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Public Relations I01

Apparently KD/UCLA has hired a public relations firm to improve the battered image of our football program.  Here is "Puffdaddy":


Dorrell has hired a Public Relations firm to reverse the declining image of his beleaguered football program. Feel free to pick and choose from the list below to support your school against the negative terror mongers

Your all so negative!!
What about the USC loss? We were close, right?
I like the kids we recruiting. Good, cleancut lads.
This will be our year. I feel it.
We have a new D Line coach, two new water boys, and Kezerian got a new towel. Some big differences ahead!!
SC showed Stoops and Oklahoma are beatable. We got their number.
Drew Olsen, Marcedes, Drew, Great Linebackers, Page. Watch out baby.
The cancers on the team are gone. And, good riddance to all those players and coaches.
Wyoming, Fresno State, Washington St, USC, Arizona St. Cal, Ok State, Colorado, Stanford, Oklahoma. Always the negative!! Hey, we beat San Diego St., fool.
And, my all time favorite....First you destroy Steve Lavin. And, now it's Karl Dorell
I still want to be fair and give this guy one more year to get it done - win 9 games, beat OU, USC, and get UCLA back on track. But right now hard to argue against Puffdaddy. KD so far has been nothing but a miserable failure, and no PR firm can brush that ugly fact under the rug. He just needs to get it done.