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Friday Football News

Not alot new going on.

Kevin Pearson of the Riverside Press Telegram writes that "That Run Down Feeling is Gone" for UCLA's DL. Also, the eternally reassuring words of Coach Dorrell:

"Our defensive line will be a strength on our team more so than the perspective of what it was last fall," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said (Huh? (ed.)). "We played with so many young guys, those guys have grown through that experience of playing."

And let's not forget UCLA's new DL coach, Thurmond Moore. Here, Moore goes Grasshopper in discussing his new charges:

"It's like you put your hand and spread your fingers out, it is weak. But if you make it into a first, you have more power," Moore said. "They are getting to know each other and are learning how to work together."

The LAT reports that Justin Hickman's Dad is $Cum (but we still love you big guy)

OCR has a bit on Justin London and his injury status (still sore)

Finally, the LADN has an article on Brandon Breazell, who just lost his cousin in a car accident. BN sends our condolences to Brandon. Also, a few other notes--most significantly Norris and Brown running with the 1's at CB.