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Sunday roundup

Jill Painter thinks that the Bruins have a new, mean attitude based on a couple of scuffles.  These skirmishes always break out during practice, and I don't know that you can take anything away from them in terms of how the team will actually play on the field.  But, you know, story to file and all.  Recruit info too.  Among the notable was #1 LB Allen Bradford, who has the various message boards buzzing.  

Kuwada reports on worries about Perez's inconsistencies punting.  I'm not overly concerned at this point.  Or, perhaps I say, the team has bigger worries.  Also, details on the Snead injury.

Kevin Pearson has an interesting Marcedes Lewis story.

Lonnie White reports that, according to Dorrell, "UCLA's most experienced receiver is senior Junior Taylor, and after him, there's a bunch of 'no-names.'"

On the injury front, McCloskey is day-to-day, Ketchum will miss a few weeks, but Walker will be out more than a month.  The LB corps looks a little thin too many, so keep those fingers crossed.

One practice report on the Fun Zone here.

On Wild West, a poster reports that Bradford also attended SC's afternoon practice, but Daily News writer (and frequent Wild West poster) Scott Wolf is dubious whether he can qualify at either $C or UCLA.