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Tuesday News

In today's LADN, Jill Painter reports that Maurice Drew is getting alot of touches in practice, but the staff is being careful with him. It also looks like Dennis Keyes and Jarrad Page will be our starting safeties.

Lonnie White of the LAT has a feature on Nikola Dragovik and some injury news.

There's also a piece on Justin London from Monday's edition. Just like his fellow LB Spencer Havner, Justin sounds very optomistic about a UCLA defensive turnaround this season:

"Now that I'm back and healthy, there's no excuse why we shouldn't have the No. 1 defense in the conference," said London, who has 100 tackles, including 15 1/2 for losses, in his career. "I'm excited to go out there and prove it."

Another LAT player spotlight featuring JJ Hair

The OCR's Janice Carr reports that there has been a Jackie Slater sighting at Spaulding.