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CFN Top 200 players

According to CFN, the Bruins have very few of the top 200 players.

I'll admit I did only a quick scan, but from what I can tell, only Lewis (72), London (74), Drew (97), and Havner (33) made the list.  By contrast, I counted 4 Trojans in the top 50 alone (4 LUS players, 3 Ohio State  players, 3 Iowa players).

Now, these rankings are obviously subjective, but it raises a concern.

Also, I counted 5 sophs in the top 50.  All of Bruins who made the list are juniors or seniors, and all were either recruited by Toledo, or signed in Dorrell's first truncated recruiting period (and were, by implication, also recruited by Toledo).  The last two recruiting classes have been subpar, to say the least.

There is real likelihood of crisis starting next year.  Dorrell has the talent...for now.  Failing to win at least 8 or 9 games will mean that this program will be in a very serious hole for the next coach to dig out of.