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Football Sabermetrics

In light of my earlier diary wondering about football sabermetrics, I've decided to collect some football sabermetric resources and invite comments.

Football Saber: Why Not? thinks that football is more complex, there are smaller sample sizes, and people aren't sure which stats to count.

There's a NY Times Mag article on the subject, noting that "until very recently, it was baseball and not football that was reshaped by an intellectual revolution called sabermetrics."  One example of football saber goes to one of TMQ's pet peeves, "David Romer, an economist at the University of California at Berkeley, published a working paper arguing that conventional football wisdom led to far too much punting."

The Patriots asked a Rutgers statistician to help with two-point conversion strategies, and Belichick's predictable strategy of running on third-and-short appears to be supported by the data.  

Football Outsiders attempts to bring football into the Moneyball era.

Athletics Nation blogged on the subject, but thought there might be too much coordination and emotion involved.

UPDATE: More at Marginal Revolution, Baseball Prospectus, Football Scientist

MORE: TSN has a huge feature this week on "The Stats that Matter." If it looks weird on Firefox (as it does for me), just scroll over to the right.