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Morning News Roundup w/ quick takes on BO/DO

Another day and QB situation is still unclear.  Both the Daily News and LA Times report the shocking news of DO and BO leading the pack for the starting spot and Cowan and Koral being relegated to second teams.  Here is Jill Painter of DN:

Top this: Quarterbacks Drew Olson and Ben Olson have taken turns looking impressive running the first team offense. With every play, each is tried to outperform the other. On back-to-back plays in the morning session, Drew Olson threw a touchdown pass to Marcus Everett, and Ben Olson answered by scoring on a scramble.

"They both understand that to have a bad practice is not acceptable," UCLA coach Karl Dorrell said. "If one has a bad throw, the other tries to capitalize and vice versa. They're very sharp trying to find open people and going through their progressions. They're not making a lot of mistakes there."

The quarterback picture could be clearer after Saturday's 11 a.m. scrimmage at Drake Stadium.
And here is Lonnie with his scoop on BO/DO!:
Although Coach Karl Dorrell said after Wednesday's afternoon practice that the starting quarterback position has not been settled, the last two days, senior Drew Olson and redshirt freshman Ben Olson have been sharing snaps exclusively with the first team and senior David Koral and Pat Cowan have been working with the second unit.
Hmmm ... I am not sure how the competition being down to a two man race between DO and BO, makes the situation any clearer.  In fact this is something most of us sensed a while ago that DO despite being a 4th year college quarterback with all most three years of starting experience, have not done much to separate himself from BO, who is clearly more talented than DO, but haven't taken one snap as a starting college QB.  This really puts our football team in an odd, awkward, uncomfortable position.  Imagine Bruins taking on the Aztecs, and we look lackluster.  We win the game but we have one of those typical DO performances, adequate, perhaps above average, but nothing to give coaches, fans total confidence that he would be the guy we can count on when we have to win the games.  And then imagine, BO comes in a for a series or two following another not so inspiring DO performances in the next two games, and the floodgates of controversy will open.  I mean considering the clamor for BO to be the starter after just few good practices, I cannot imagine what will happen if we a game against SDSU or even Rice, when DO is throwing up those wobbly ducks, and BO comes in for a drive or two and rifles passes all over the field.  Of course everyone will want to coronate BO right there and then, but will then have to prepare for a freshmen style season - remember even the Great No. 18 was erratic his first season, throwing ints, not making good decisions, leading to a 7 win season (albeit that included a win against USC).  And, we have discussed below how a 7 win season (one that includes a seven straight loss to USC) would be the kiss of death for this football program.

And does anyone have any confidence in Dorrell to have the tact and maturity to handle a big time QB controversy, considering how utterly clueless he was in handling the explosive situation between Moore and Olson in his first year?  I certainly don't.  All I an say KD better figure this thing out soon, otherwise it will infect the moral of our offense, despite all the off-season mumbo jumbo "unity" camp lingo.

Lastly, thanks to Kuwada for finding out the answer for my question re. Drew.  Looks like Drew is still in the kick return teams and wants to stick with punt returns.  Not a smart idea IMHO to let two of the most dangerous offensive weapons in your football team to return punts, and increase the risks of any injury.  Just my 2 cents.