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Hazing, ("water") fighting, purse-snatching, and Leinart dancing at USC

Our friends from the TrojanHatersClub have the gory details:

It's been quite an eventful week at usc. The last several days have seen a series of disgraceful acts that each turn Pom Pom's hair a little grayer. Well, that foursome may have teed off a long time ago, but maybe these occurrences will make Carroll's gray hair FALL OUT.

The first thing that pissed him off was a team hazing incident, where a bunch of players gang-shaved Freshman QB Mark Sanchez. You can see that they shaved his head , but what you can't see is whether they shaved him anywhere else. We wonder if he's a fan of "The Itchy & Scratchy Show" about now. Carroll threw a fit upon hearing the news of the Sanchez Scalping, even though the same thing happened to John David Booty last year when JD was a Freshman.

Then an indoor waterfight broke out between the "skill" players and the grunts. It got so out of hand that they managed to incur some property damage costs during the melee, which ended up with slippery wet trojans rolling on the floor in each other's arms, wrestling (allegedly).


This sc practice season has been marred by other problems as well, most of them criminal. Trojan footballer Ryan Ting had his Cadillac Escalade stolen while he was working out.

What was the stinging Ting response? He said that it must have been an INSIDE JOB!! He is accusing someone within usc of ripping off his ride! He said that whoever stole it had to know his schedule, and when he would be in the weight room.

That wasn't the only Troy crime this week. The trojans also had equipment stolen right off their practice field. Someone stole two big pop-up shade tents and some other stuff. Now the trojans have to stand in the sun during practice.

And there's more...An sc song girl was the victim of a purse-snatching, right there at the practice field. She actually chased the guy, and he dropped the purse and fled. Some trojan onlookers tried to follow the snatcher, but they lost him. Apparently, the culprit runs a 4.3 forty, and he will be Carroll's 2nd string Tailback next season.

With all the crime and turmoil abounding, the Hero is dancing while Troy burns.

Matt Leinart is in his 5th year, and done with his degree work, so since he has to take a class to be eligible, he is taking Ballroom Dancing.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Oh my.  Looks like Pom Pom Carroll is doing his best Barry Switzer impersonation turning those thugs from University of South Central into Oklahoma Sooners of the new millennium.