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Is Mike Leach Interested in the UCLA Head Coach Job?

We recently received an email from one of our readers suggesting that Texas Tech Head Coach and spread offense guru Mike Leach has a strong interest in the UCLA head coach position:


Sooner here.   I got onto your blog spot because ...I have interest in the program, mainly football.
Can not wait for the 17th when the teams hook up at the Rose Bowl.   Many here are nervous because we lost allot of players and have a new Quarterback.  Should be a good game.

There is a sports guy on the radio here named Al Eshback.  He is very good friends with Texas Tech coach Mike Leach because Leach was OU's offensive coordinator for several years.   He said that if the UCLA job opens in the next few years, Leach will be for sure a serious candidate because he is tied in to some of the big UCLA alumni.   Also he is a west coast guy who played at BYU and went to Law school at Peperdine.    I think he is originally from the LA area but not certain.

Leach is a darn good coach and you would be lucky to have him.  Good luck this season and I enjoyed your blog.

This is totally consistent with rumors that were circulating on the message boards that Leach actually reached out to UCLA when Toledo was fired, only to have his phone calls ignored. (Probably because the Morgan Center was preoccupied putting together their joke of a list of replacements.)

Leach's most recent significant accomplishment was leading the Red Raiders to a 45-31 bitch-slapping of the (now) big-headed dirty hippies from Berkeley in last year's Holiday Bowl.

Thanks to the reader who provided this nice little morsel of information. Keep em' coming.