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Olson v. Olson Scrimmage

So it looks like tomorrow's scrimmage is going to be a little more interesting than your usual run of the mill pre-season scrimmage.  It could quiet possibly decide (if KD actually can make a decision that is) which Olson will be starting for the Blue and Gold.  So says our favorite beat writer, Dohn:

Saturday's scrimmage could go a long way in determining which Olson starts at quarterback for UCLA in its Sept. 3 opener at San Diego State.

Bruins coach Karl Dorrell said incumbent Drew Olson and redshirt freshman Ben Olson would work exclusively with the first-team offensive unit in the scrimmage. David Koral and Patrick Cowan will work with the second unit.

"It's a pretty good competition," Dorrell said of the battle between the unrelated Olsons. "(Ben) is still learning; he's still growing. Drew has an edge because he has a lot more experience. Both of those guys have performed very, very well, so I'm anxious to see how they perform under scrimmage circumstances."

It's been quite a turnaround for Ben Olson, who had a sluggish spring in his return to football after a two-year absence because of a Mormon mission. He said better knowledge of the offense is the difference in his much-improved play.

"We're still putting in new stuff, so some of the stuff I'm grasping better than others," Ben Olson said. "But overall, as a whole, I know a lot more of what I'm doing out there, and I feel like a completely different player. I'm just trying to take advantage of the opportunities that I'm given."

One critical aspect of the quarterback competition, and the scrimmage, could be the utilization of tight end Marcedes Lewis, who is expected to be the central figure of UCLA's passing attack.

Ben Olson showed he wasn't afraid to throw over the middle when he took advantage of linebacker Justin London trying to cover Lewis on a seam pattern in Thursday's practice.

A source of frustration in the offense last season was, at times, when Lewis was not thrown to often enough.

Although Drew Olson has 26 career starts and ranks fourth in school history with 422 completions and fifth with 5,334 yards, Dorrell made it clear the best performer will get the job.

"It comes down to what's best for the team, and who can  elevate everyone's game," Dorrell said. "I've said that from the very beginning, and both of them are trying to do those things."
Good stuff from Dohn, who hits on the key point of getting the ball to Marcedes.  Whoever is playing MUST get the ball to Marc over and over and over again.  We need to use Marc like the Eagles use TO.  We need to use Marc like Elways Broncos used Sharpe.  We heard all the talk about "unleashing" Marcedes during all of last pre-season, but it never happened.  If BO is the guy who can make it happen, then start him.  Kuwada is on this point in his OC Register report this am:
The left-handed transfer from Brigham Young had another solid practice in the morning, making a nice throw when hitting tight end Marcedes Lewis going up the left sideline. He does not have the experience that Drew Olson does in the Bruins' West Coast offense, but the redshirt freshman is more athletic, physically stronger and has shown more zip on his passes.
It seems like the fans are favoring BO (BO has the early lead in our online poll to your right).  Let's hope KD actually makes a decision based on his words (and Lord knows he doesn't have many), which is that he will have the best player on the field when the team lines up.  Let's see what happens tomorrow at the scrimmage.

Lonnie White meanwhile has nothing new in his daily UCLA notes in the Times, except for talking about one of Dorrell's key offensive strategy from last two years, punting.  May be Lonnie will be doing his DO v. BO take tomorrow, since he always seems to be one step behind Dohn et al.