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Bruins in between the hedges ....

Looks like our boys under Coach Butch (FREAKING) Davis or Mike Leach or Dan Hawkins (whoever will be replacing the fired Dorrell) will have an exciting game on their hands, if they get to go down to Athens in 2011 or 12.  The Dawgs and Bruins are talking about a series:

Georgia already has added future football series against Arizona State and Colorado. Now, the Bulldogs are talking to Pac-10 member UCLA about setting up a possible home-and-home series either in 2011 and 2012 or 2011 and 2015.

"We're talking to them," associate athletic director Arthur Johnson said on Monday. "We have got to get it worked out."
So looks the like perhaps the SEC folks are paying a little attention to all the blogosphere smack on their scheduling?

Hey, we are not complaining!  Athens is an awesome place to drink, and watch football, and about those ladies from UGA?: