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Scrimage day quick news round up

Scrimmage day is here.  The BO v. DO show will get started at 11 in Westwood.  Here is Jill Painter on the two QB's mindset:

Quarterback shuffle: Ben Olson said he wouldn't lose sleep, although today's scrimmage could decide whether he's UCLA's new quarterback or the backup.

"Why wouldn't I (sleep)? I look at this as another practice where I can show what I do," he said.

Olson, a freshman transfer out of Thousand Oaks High, won't be able to play in front of family members - they're in Montana and don't return until Sunday. He joked that nobody might be there to watch him.

Drew Olson, who's trying to maintain the quarterback job, said he hopes to stay relaxed and have fun.

"Starting against USC as a freshman, that's pressure," he said. "This is night and day from that. But this is what you practice for, not to have the coaches behind you."
Should be interesting to say the least.  The bad news for fans per that Painter reporter, frosh RB Khalil Bell who has been very impressive in practice will miss in action due to a concussion he suffered yesterday.  Of course while all eyes of BruinsNation will be transfixed upon BO and DO, Lonnie White of LA Times decides to do a profile on the obvious, David Koral!!  Yes, Lonnie White pens a column on David Koral, who we of course hope will never need to see action this year on the field.  Whatever ... here is Lonnie's earth shattering daily UCLA report, if you are interested. Also, Kuwada from the OC Register has his bit doing a nice little report on new starting safety Dennis Keyes, who Bruins will be counting on a lot since Horton is out indefinitely.