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Shiny Happy People

Olsons are shiny happy people. They really get along with each other, and there will be no hard feelings against whoever wins the starting gig. So says Lonnie White:

The two players competing to be UCLA's starting quarterback are not related, but, at times, Drew Olson and Ben Olson seem as if they are.

Drew, a 22-year-old senior, and Ben, a 22-year-old redshirt freshman, have known each other since they were high school underclassmen at a summer football camp.

They have been friends since Drew was starting the final five games of his freshman season at UCLA and Ben was redshirting at Brigham Young. That bond has become stronger since Ben transferred to UCLA in January after a two-year Mormon mission and a redshirt season at BYU.

"Drew is a great player. ... I wish him all the best in what he does, and I know that he's pulling for me," said Ben Olson, who completed two touchdown passes in Saturday's scrimmage at Drake Stadium.

"That's the thing with us. We don't have any animosity toward each other. We just want each other to succeed. We've talked a lot about the whole situation, and whatever is best for the team is what we're for."
Oh that is soo sweet of them.  Let's hope they can be this cool if KD actually shows some balls and goes with the best talent (you all know who that is) to start the season. And what KD thinks of the BO v. DO competition:

"The good thing I like," Dorrell said, "is that they both have a good enough bond with each other, competing against each other, but they are genuinely good people and good friends with one another too."
Allrighty then coach ... then how about a decision early this week, so we can just all get on with getting ready for our first game - the hapless Aztecs of San Diego State.

Other football note - Kevin Brown was a huge loss for our young DL, and this injury could be one of the corner stone excuses for Dorrell backers, if their boywonder coach fail to deliver early in the season.  But according to reports today, lightly recruited (a feature of most Dorrell recruits these days) freshmen Chase Moline is showing some signs in practice that he would be able to step in and contribute at the DL.  Here is the Daily News and the OC Register reports on Chase.  Let's hope the kid can play because that DL is going to need all the help it can get.

By the way, really interesting note on Joe Cowan and Junior Taylor, upper classmen receivers we are really going to count on this season:
Receiving line: Saturday's scrimmage did little to clarify UCLA's receiver rotation, especially with Gavin Ketchum (shoulder) and Matt Slater (leg) out with injuries. But the bigger issue has been the play of veterans Joe Cowan and Junior Taylor throughout camp.

"We've got to have a good core group of four guys," offensive coordinator Tom Cable said. "Brandon Breazell has been a little nicked up and Marcus Everett has had a heck of a camp. You know, you got to get more out of Joe and Junior. That's the bottom line."
Geeez.  Let's see one the main selling points of Dorrell's resume was that he was a "Wide Receivers Coach" in the NFL.  Good to see our WRs stepping up so much in practice under their NFL experienced head coach!