Ben Olson gets "injured" in practice ...

According to a message board post BO got hurt this morning in practice. Apparently he injured his throwing hand by hitting it against a helmet.

I don't know guys ... but just when the Bruin fans start to overwhelmingly get behind Ben Olson, just when it becomes apparent that he is neck and neck in competition with Drew Olson out there in practice field (even though no one will contest the fact that he is million times more talented than the DO), just when KD gets in a difficult spot of having to make a difficult decision, news comes out via paid message board website (that is where the BZ post originated from), that has already built a reputation for shilling for KD, pimping losses to USC as "true moral victory," we hear this "news" of BO getting injured.  I don't know.

This "injury" to BO seems all too convenient for Karl Dorrell who can now make the easy decision to start Drew Olson.  Coincidence?  I don't know - this is the world of UCLA football after all - in which Dorrell reigns as the head coach.

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