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Karl Dorrell was an "NFL WR Coach" & Roundups

Remember ... one of the key components of Morgan Center's PR rollout when Carny and Guerrero introduced their boy wonder as the next UCLA head football coach was his so called NFL experience as a WR coach for Mike Shanahan (who by the way has been pretty Bob Toledesque, ever since his star QB retired).  Anyways, guess what ... under Dorrell, the famed UCLA WR and NFL WR coach, the Bruin program is having a hard time finding ... a big play WR:

From Mike Sherrard and Karl Dorrell in the 1980s to Kevin Jordan and J.J. Stokes in the 1990s to Freddie Mitchell and Craig Bragg in recent years, UCLA has a history of producing big-play wide receivers.

But this year's group of wideouts has so far lacked that type of player, which was evident in Saturday's scrimmage. Senior Junior Taylor and junior Joe Cowan have been working as starters in camp, with sophomores Marcus Everett and Brandon Breazell and junior Andrew Baumgartner as their backups.

The X-factor for the Bruins is freshman Gavin Ketchum, who returned to practice Monday after sitting out nearly a week because of a shoulder sprain. Ketchum, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound former Oak Park High standout, will get a close look heading into the Bruins' opener at San Diego State on Sept. 3.
I just don't get it.  We are going to have a superstar like Marcedes Lewis, who will supposedly be finally "unleashed" this season, running patterns all over the field.  There is a very good chance Marc is going to be doubled a lot if we make early connections with him.  And these clowns are telling us they are having hard time finding a dependable WRs among the bunch from Taylor, Breazell, Everett, Cowan, all of whom were much more highly heralded recruits like Danny Farmer or a Jim McElroy or a Sean LaChappelle.  Unbelievable.  I mean we have heard so many boot-licking stories about how Dorrell was such the "cerebral" WR in college running perfect patterns, getting himself in the right place, and doing wonders with the Denver WRs (yes it was all Dorrell, not John Elway or Gary Kubiak, their OC), and yet now we are reading this crap about UCLA not having big-play WR.  Just who the heck is teaching these kids?  If this area is such a concern for the team ... is Dorrell paying any attention to it or is he too busy whining about other coaches negative recruiting?

Some other quick news and notes.  An interesting development at our OL.  Per the OC Register, soph. Chris Joseph takes over the starting spot at weak guard by passing fifth year senior Cleary and redshirt junior Chai:
Joseph, who tore a ligament in his left knee last season before the loss at Cal, makes the offensive line younger and more inexperienced. He played just two snaps from scrimmage last season and Brian Abraham, the starter at strong tackle, played nine. But Joseph also makes the line more athletic and is a better all-around blocker than Cleary or Chai.
So I guess coaches are going with the philosophy over picking talent over experience.  I am cool with that ... so does this mean KD will have the balls to go with BO over DO?  KD ... balls?  We will see I guess.

Lastly speaking of the offense, one of KD's key offensive strategy - punting - continues to be the focus of UCLA beat writers.  This time its Daily News writing about Aaron Perez.