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Sooner (Crash) Landing ...

We expect UCLA to beat Oklahoma on September 17.  This is a win KD must deliver, if he wants to start out his money year, the third year on a right note.  Of course we heard some moaning from some legions of KD minions on how things may be a little hard for their boy wonder because of injuries to Brown our Harwell, key figures from our much maligned DL from last season.

Doesn't matter.  We are still expecting this win.  Our offense should be ready to go (if it not by the third game, then the responsibility for that misfiring should fall on the coaching staff).  Anyways, our offense should be ready to go, and our defense should be ready for a Sooner unit, which has its own share of (severe) problems:

Even though Adrian Peterson ran for 1,925 yards last year, this is still an offense that centers around the quarterback. People are too quick to downgrade Jason White and the kind of player he was. Simply put, he was a great college player. Without him, OU becomes very one-dimensional, unless Rhett Bomar or Paul Thompson can step it up.

But the Sooners lost more than anyone last year in the NFL draft, so there are holes to fill all around. To our eyes, at least three losses appear to be in store for OU.
That was HP, commenting on an AP blurb. And, yes we fully expect UCLA to notch one of those three Sooners losses.

Again, we are not interested in hearing any more excuses.  We have experience ... and more importantly we have the lethal weapons on offense (Marc & Maurice for starters), which should be enough to beat an over-rated Big-12 squad, which was embarrassed and humiliated by a Trojan squad, that got bailed out by the zebras at the Rose Bowl.  KD must come up with a W on September 17.