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Dorrell's fine brain

Seriously.  I sometimes wonder how this guy got a degree from UCLA?  I mean it just doesn't seem possible when you read the gibberish coming out of his mouth.  Here is Dorrell on coaching against San Diego State's Tom Craft and his coaching staff:

"I know Tom Craft, and he's a very good coach," Dorrell said. "I don't know the defensive coordinator (Thom Kaumeyer), but I know he's a good coach. The ramifications of competing against them, that's part of the deal."
Huh?  WTF?  I mean what is he trying to say? "The ramfications of competing against them" - whaaaa? And he is actually publicly admitting he has no clue about SDSU's defensive coordinator a little more than week before the season opener? WTF has he been doing the whole freaking summer? I mean what is going through his brain when he is spouting out such nonsense.  And, I thought UCLA had hired a PR consultant for this guy, and this is what we get?  How much money did we spend on that nonsense and who did it we spend on?  Obviously that didn't do much for Dorrell's brain on how to communicate in public.

And is this how he communicates when he visits recruits in their parents' homes?  I guess they are probably not paying attention to exactly what he is saying because after all they are all "sleeper" recruits dozing right through his pitch (yes blindos, that's a joke).

Got that quote from this article on how Dorrell could have become a head coach for San Diego State, when he applied for the gig few years ago.  Unfortunately for Bruin football, San Diego turned him down in favor of a retread like Tom Craft.

Dorrell was not good enough even for a shitty program like San Diego State, yet he was good enough for (Morgan/Murphy idiots driven) UCLA. Sad.