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Quick hoops notes

Let's take a quick breather from pigskin to check in with Bruin hoops, where we actually have a sweet head coach leading the program.  Frank Burlison has his top-25 (via Lindy's Hoops poll) out and he has UCLA checking in at no. 25.  HT to Bruin Hoop Scoop. This sounds about right.  I expect us to finish either 3rd or 4th in the conference contending with Zona, Washington and Stanford. Although I think we may just be able to edge out Stanford and finish in the top-3. Expectations for Zona is high, as Burlison picks them as the 7th best team in the country.

On another note Huggy Bear in Cincinnati has been forced to resign.  Apparently the new academically oriented Cincinnati administration had no stomach for Huggy's single digit graduation rates.

So Cincy is looking for a new head coach.   And boy oh boy do we have a perfect candidate in mind for the Bear Cats?!!!  He is young, smart, good looking, up and coming head coach, who coached our very own Bruins for seven years, and lead us to five Sweet-16s! He would be perfect for Cincy.  He has the grinding out personality, who will bring his down home midwestern hard hat approached he learned under mentors like Gene Keady.  He will have his players graduating, and at the same time having fun, playing run and gun hoops.  He was masterful at UCLA piling up almost a .700 winning percentage, but just wasn't good enough for tough, unreasonable UCLA hoops fans.  So yes ... we at BruinsNation highly recommend University of Cincinnati to strongly consider hiring Steve Lavin as their next head.  We are all for it! Comeon Cincy - HIRE LAVIN!!