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Drew Olson BLASTS the Coaching Staff

Wow.  That didn't take long.  We are just seven days away and it looks like KD's coaching staff is already f*cking up this communication thingy re. their quarterbacks.  Drew Olson is tired of the delay about the naming of a starting quarterback and is venting his frustrations (at the coaching staff)openly :

UCLA's quarterback controversy no longer is about who will be taking snaps when the season starts in one week. It's all over when the decision will be made.

It's unclear why an announcement has been delayed, but what's known is frustrations are mounting. Senior quarterback Drew Olson, the incumbent, has had a solid training camp, is taking all the snaps with the first team and is seemingly the favorite.

If that is the case, it doesn't explain why fans are still in the dark about who will be directing the offense when the Bruins take on San Diego State on Sept. 3.

Freshman Ben Olson (Thousand Oaks High) has played well, but hasn't been able to unseat Drew Olson. Ben Olson's chances to start also seemed to diminish after he hit his throwing hand on a helmet Tuesday. He hasn't thrown in practice since injuring the hand.

"I think both of us are tired of it, real tired of it," Drew Olson said Friday of the delay. "It's ongoing. You're kind of living in a shadow wondering, 'What if? What's going on?' "
And this is not only out in the Daily News, DO let his frustrations towards Dorrell out to the LA Times reporter too:
UCLA senior Drew Olson acknowledged Friday that he had become frustrated by Coach Karl Dorrell's lingering indecision on a starting quarterback.
Dorrell ... well seems ... clueless about all of this:
"The race has been so tight, it seems to make sense to give both these guys a chance to play," Dorrell said. "But who knows? Ben may not be able to play. He may not respond fast enough. Drew's a very capable person and he's had a great camp."

As for when he'll make a decision, Dorrell was noncommittal.

"There's no timeline, but it will happen sometime soon," Dorrell said. "I don't think it's a huge issue."
Uhmmm ... coach perhaps you need to start paying a little closer attention, because when your fourth year senior media-savy quarterback, who has been a three year starter, openly makes those kinds of comments, it has become a huge issue.  And you let it bubble into a huge issue.

Sounds like the same old sh!t.  Doesn't it?  Well a Bruin alum who went to the scrimmage last weekend thought the same thing too.  Here is his letter to the LA Times this morning:
Having signed up for a 15th year of UCLA home football games, I motored to my alma mater's scrimmage at beautiful Spalding Field to seek answers about the promise of the coming season. But all I got were questions:

*  Will Ben Olson be the quarterback and throw to the end zone rather than the sidelines?

*  Why does the team look similar to last year's, with anemic running, sideways passes and unnecessary penalties?

*  Who is our game-breaker?

*  Why did a burly usher grab my arm, push me and tell me to "use the gate" as I tried to step around her?

*  Why was she blocking the aisle?

*  What "gate"?

*  Why was our alumni cheerleader wearing his sweater?

Yikes, wonder if anyone from Morgan Center is reading this types of notes from die hard alums like William, who sound like they are getting sick and tired of the odor of mediocrity oozing out of our football program.  And people are starting to reach the breaking point ... this has to be the year ... KD needs to turn it around as we have said over and over, and will keep saying over and over.  9 wins or he needs to get the hell out Westwood.

Elsewhere, Lonnie White is a day late again - following Bisheff's lead on Maurice Drew profile to write his own profile on our heisman caliber tailback.