DO named starter

UPDATE: Sagar Parikh reports that Drew Olson was named the starter.

"It's just nice to have it over with," Drew Olson said afterward. "It's awesome to have the starting position and the opportunity, but it's only half the battle." "I still have to win the games on the field." Dorrell notified both quarterbacks individually of his decision this morning, and was pleased with the decision afterwards. "It's no surprise that Drew is the starter," Dorrell said. "He worked hard all summer, and he probably had the best camp he's ever had." Though Dorrell named Drew Olson the starter, the Bruin coach said he was open to the possibility of playing Ben Olson as well during Saturday's game. "Ben (Olson) will get his chances," Dorrell said. "This competition was as tight as it's ever been, so we will definitely try to give Ben an opportunity." We weren't the only ones to note the similarities between Dorrell's bungling of past QB controversies with the goings-on this summer. Drew went through a similar quarterback competition two years ago when he competed against former UCLA quarterback and current Oregon State quarterback Matt Moore for the starting position. Drew Olson, however, says that this year was an entirely different situation.

KD apparently caved into the pressure.  Way to bow to DO's media posturing KD.  This is a sign of weakness.  Why couldn't KD just name DO the starter but reaffirm that BO would get 30-50% of the snaps a few days ago so this didn't play out in the media the way it did.  KD is weak and incompetent.  Still waiting for official confirmation, but it looks like a done deal.

Hopefully Ben still gets a fair shake to win the job.  I have no confidence that this will be handled properly.  

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