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Drew Olson ... set for his last campaign ...

First of all if you haven't visited us the whole weekend, check out O's SDSU preview.  We will bump that post back up later on tonight.  But let's get to our coffee and our Sunday morning news first.  As O posted late yesterday, Dorrell finally named his starter.  And it will be exciting Drew Olson.  Yes, the fourth year senior, who is 14-12 as a starter at UCLA, ranks fifth in school history with 5,334 passing yards and fourth with 422 completions, got the nod yesterday, over once in a generation phenom - Ben Olson:

So why did Dorrell held off so long after initially saying he was not going to drag out a QB decision? Well here is the money graph from Dohn's report this morning.  Brace yourself (you may not be able to understand even after reading 5 times):

"I wanted to keep it as competitive as long as I could make it without both of them knowing exactly what was going on," Dorrell said. "I wanted to see how they perform. Those are things, as coaches, you're in the fourth quarter and you have to make a touchdown drive, are you going to be able to make that touchdown drive? I'm putting them under a great deal of pressure in terms of this (competition)."
(just shaking head)Man ... again ... I wonder how much the Morgan Center spent on hiring a PR consultant to train this guy to speak English? And I wonder what kind of academic supervision program we had in place for our football program, when the king of mediocrity, Terry Donahue was leading our football program?  Because a graduate of one of the three best public universities in the nation, who has such a high profile, should not be uttering this kind of gibberish day in and day out. It makes our alma mater look ... well less than mediocre.

Back to our pre-season semi-qb controversy.  Because it is not over.  BO's minor injury gave KD an easy out for now. And, even though Dorrell can't articulate anything, he can't hide the fact he held off so long from naming a starter, because either he had no confidence in his senior quarterbacks after more than two years in his program or he still has no clue.  Because he is planning to give BO time, which may open up the floodgates for more QB controversy:
But the competition pretty much stalled when Ben Olson suffered the hand injury. He did not take any snaps Saturday for a fourth day in a row, and there still is swelling. He is able to grip the football lightly but has not done any throwing with velocity.

"If he was healthy, who knows what that situation would have been right now in terms of naming a starter," Dorrell said. "But he is close enough to being the starter. Will he be close enough and ready to play a week from today? That's the question with that injury and whether he's going to be able to throw and take a snap. I'd like to play him, yeah, I would. But time will tell if that's a possibility."

In telling the Olsons of the decision in individual meetings Saturday morning, Dorrell made it clear that the backup would get an opportunity though how and when (one series, two series, one quarter) has not yet been determined.
Well only way we can be spared of any controversy is if DO and co come out on fire against SDSU and build a huge lead, and continue to do the same against Rice before squaring off against the Sooners.  because right now almost 70 percent of the BruinsNation are expecting at least a double digit win over the Aztecs.  And if DO doesn't deliver, and BO comes in have one or two good series ... it won't remain a "semi" QB controversy any more.  And then it will be up to Dorrell to handle the media, show leadership, and maintain control over his team.  His track record in those departments ... is well ... less than mediocre.