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Less than 60 hours left ... NO EXCUSES

Less than 60 hours left till we take on SDSU.  We have been hammering away on this blog about how we are expecting this season, Karl Dorrell's third season to be his money season.  This is the year he will have to show and prove to the Bruin community that he will deliver on our expectations of resurrecting our proud football program.

And, we are not only one who has these expectations. Consider the words of Dan Guerrerro, who hired Dorrell few years ago.  These were DG's words when he brought KD into Westwood:

I believe that Karl is the man who can build UCLA football to the elite level and we are excited to begin that process.
And here is more:
"We want to have a national caliber program here, certainly top 25 every year," he added.
Of course, Karl Dorrell has completely failed to deliver on those expectations in his two (12-13) seasons, posting 1 win against a team with a winning record.  His minions (Blindos) continue to cling to the notion he did not inherit a talented team when he came into Westwood.  This of course is a figment of their pathetic imagination, as this Sports Illustrated report note KD took over a pretty talented program when he got hired at the end of 2001 regular season:
When Karl Dorrell returned to his alma mater for the first time in 15 years as UCLA's new head coach, he found everything on campus rather intact -- including the football team. If Dorrell was expecting a massive rebuilding project, he was pleasantly surprised. The Bruins appear polished for Pac-10 contention.


[T]hey are solid at almost every position. They expect to improve upon last year's 8-5 finish, which got coach Bob Toledo fired.

SI's final analysis:New coaches usually need a year or two to install their offensive and defensive system. UCLA, however, is ready to contend right now.
SI was not only publication, which noted the talent KD inherited.  Note what CFN had to say as well:
Part of what was forgotten about when Bob Toledo was fired from UCLA was how much young talent was on the team. Injuries and inexperience killed the Bruins, but Karl Dorrell will have as many raw athletes to work with as anyone in the country.
Hat tip to our reader McCloskey.

We have also thoroughly debunked the talent excuse before.  So once again ... here we are ... new season ... less than 60 hours away ... and this better be it.  Because we are tired of bending over and taking it from a pathetic administration and athletic department, who keeps screwing its loyal alums, students, and season ticket holders, blindly hoping for Bruin revival over, over and over again.  No more excuses.  We want 9 wins and a win over USC, otherwise KD will have to go. No more excuses.