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"Show-me" year

More on Bruin Nation's expectations for this season ... This time it's coming from a "columnist" in a paid site (oooh, it's free!):

So what exactly do we know?: 1) The "KD era" is off to a less than rousing start. His Bruins haven't yet beaten a single formidable opponent, though last year wasn't quite as ugly as the first. 2) Drew Olson hasn't demonstrated he's a legitimate Pac-10 quarterback who can beat good teams... and it's getting way late. 3) The defense was atrocious last year, especially the front four, and even the year before was nothing to write home about. 4) Larry Kerr, though an upgrade from his predecessor, has obviously favored a conservative, vanilla approach (though some believe his personnel dictated this strategy. 5) Tom Cable, though a huge upgrade from his predecessor, has obviously favored a conservative approach in his play-calling (though most believe the quarterback's lack of execution has dictated this approach). 6) Marcedes Lewis has been made to become the weapon that seldom fires (see parenthetical #5).

What would we like to see this year: 1) A lot more than just a winning season. 2) An effective, preferably dangerous quarterback, and a quarterback that won't cost the team a game before he gets yanked. 3) A defense that is not an embarrassment or causes something very like an attack of acid reflux whenever it takes the field. 4) The "attacking" defense that KD promised when he took the job. 5) An aggressive offense and an end, finally, to those infernal stacked boxes. 6) Marcedes Lewis being made to become the weapon we've been waiting to see fired lo' these many years.

All of us, here, are aware of the Bruins sad football history: the national profile that never quite developed. So what's been missing? You know, the Reggie factor, "the straw that stirs the drink"? Player personnel? No. Impact players? Certainly not. Big game losses? Sure. Coaching? Bingo. Whether UCLA coaches are dropping dead on the job, taking off for the NFL, staying too long, or they're just not up to the job... it hasn't been a happy story.

Everyone here, Blues and Cranks alike, are pretty much in agreement this is the "show me" year. We're sitting at strike two. The coaches believe they've got enough personnel to turn this thing around, which is to say at least eight wins.
At least 8 (reg. season) wins, no kidding.  FWIW this guy is one of the token contributors on that site, who actually provides with reality based take on UCLA football, without the usual Morgan Center propaganda laced garbage.  And although he started the silly "Cranks v. Blues" narrative (Blues being KD's blind followers, Cranks being the Bruin football fans forming their takes based on reality), about a year ago, his underlying sentiment for writing this piece is on point.

Karl Dorrell needs to show us this year ... which translates into him having into producing 8-9 regular season wins, and ending that insufferable streak against the community college from cross town.  If he can't deliver, he just needs to leave Westwood, or UCLA needs to fire him so that it can get on the business of rebuilding a decimated football program with a proud tradition.  No excuses.