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Pressure building on Dorrell ...

Steve Bisheff (from the OC Register) is one of the few local columnists who understands the culture of mediocrity that have plagued UCLA's athletic department during last couple of decades.  He was one of the few local scribes who caught Steve Lavin's dog and pony show, when that con artist, was making a mockery out of Bruin hoops tradition, laughing his way to the bank as the Bruin's head basketball coach.  Well now we have a "coach" leading our football program, who so far have proven to be a retread, boring, boilerplate, and often clueless leader, who has done nothing to revive our football tradition, and take us to the next level, beyond 8-5 seasons.  Dorrell has been a miserable failure in Westwood, and despite its hapless whining, proclaiming he is not in trouble, Bisheff is having none of it, and declares Dorrell must re-establish UCLA as legit contender in the Pac-10:

In many ways, his golf game is a metaphor for this coming season, the year Dorrell must re-establish UCLA as a viable contender in the Pac-10.

The year he has to break through.

With six years left on a contract that was extended after last season, he swears there is no pressure on him from the athletic director or the administration.

But there will be pressure from UCLA alumni. They are tired of waiting. They have to see tangible results.
They have to feel the program is finally headed back in the right direction.

For whatever else Dorrell has done in Westwood, he hasn't done that yet.

His 12-13 record in his first two years only demonstrated that a) There was much rebuilding to do, and b) He required time to adjust to being a head coach for the first time in his life.
Bisheff was referring to Dorrell's "summer-long quest to break 80 on the golf course."  No he wasn't successful in that either.  BTW, what the h*ll Dorrell was doing on the golf course this summer, following the Wyoming game, and two pathetic back-to-back non-winning seasons?

Anyways, it is great to see Bisheff laying down his expectations:
Now is the time for him to show his Bruins are ready to move up, maybe win eight or nine games and play in a bowl game of some stature.

"It's time for us to take it to the next step," said Drew Olson, the senior quarterback who probably will open the season as UCLA's starter.

And what exactly would that be?

"Well," Olson said, "I don't think going back to the Las Vegas Bowl is taking the next step."
Nice ... now all we need to see is DO and co. deliver us that 8-9 regular season wins under Dorrell, so that they can set UCLA up for a BCS/title contending run next season.  Expectations are now set, and Dorrell has to meet them ... pure and simple.  No excuses.

Bisheff's column was part of the OC Register's college football preview section from this past weekend. Check out the UCLA preview section by clicking here.