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More from PAC 10 Media Day

At least we can count on our fearless leader to inspire confidence in the Bruin Nation that the 2005 version of Dorrell's Bruins are "ready to make that next step."

"UCLA is ready to make that next step. For the first time in two years, we have depth and a great core in this program. We have competition in all positions and that helps any program. There is no complacency and we expect great things for this season. We are anxious to get started."

So, to Coach Dorrell the "next step" is not a PAC 10 championship, beating $C, or even reaching a bowl game that people actually watch (and beating the pathetic teams that we are matched up against).

The "next step" to Coach Dorrell is having depth to have good practices.

That would be funny if it wasn't infuriating. Dorrell took the reigns of a largely intact team that had just blown out New Mexico in the 2002 Las Vegas Bowl. Was that team not competitive in practice the following spring?

I'd argue that there was a great core is place (as evidenced by McCloskey's post below detailing just how much Dorrell is relying on Toledo's recruits)only to be ruined by a coach that was incapable of getting everyone "on the same page."

Basically, Dorrell is laying his ineptitude at the feet of Toledo and his recruits once again. Pathetic. (BTW, I'm no Bob Toledo fan, but Toledo must be spitting his Diet Coke all over his monitor reading about how Dorrell is struggling because of Toledo's errors).

Maybe next year Coach Dorrell will take the next step and add some misdirection plays into that Denver Bronco playbook of his.