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Budget issues revisited

We've talked about this before, but it's an article of Blindo faith that "UCLA cannot afford to pay for a big-time head football coach because (and this argument takes various forms): UCLA as a state school can't pay a big salary; the UC system is in a budget crunch and UCLA can't pay a big salary, etc."

We've already debunked this myth, but it's worth noting again.

The Orlando Sentinel has a very interesting and handy list of all D-IA programs.  Here's the Pac 10 list

Pac-10    Totalrevenues    Totalexpenses    Women's revenue    Women's expenses    Football revenue    Football expenses
Arizona    35,296,096    34,997,213    2,253,185    7,556,495    13,266,117    9,916,953
Arizona State    34,996,041    35,276,972    1,042,015    7,644,823    17,669,149    11,409,157
California    38,031,463    43,407,775    5,067,437    8,744,686    12,548,856    10,685,345
Oregon    40,800,423    39,690,960    967,340    5,382,937    18,070,390    10,822,601
Oregon State    30,208,645    28,887,886    559,864    6,181,935    20,593,052    8,617,413
Stanford    35,830,158    32,935,038    2,242,312    12,230,978    9,920,845    10,262,787
UCLA    42,536,484    42,700,427    789,704    8,321,864    17,231,998    11,503,287
USC    53,017,260    53,017,260    762,474    8,935,916    26,244,364    15,377,942
Washington    42,551,520    41,389,893    2,895,101    7,536,761    28,569,263    12,640,090
Washington State    30,475,629    29,513,616    1,739,650    5,529,521    12,630,209    7,668,687

A few things worth noting

Overall, only USC's total revenue was higher.
Overall, only USC and Cal had higher total expenditures.
We had the second-lowest revenue from Women's sports, and spent the third most.

Washington State, Stanford, Cal and Arizona were the only four teams with lower football revenue.
Yet only USC and UW spent more on football.

We spent more on football than the following:
Georgia (it looks like most SEC teams spend much more, but even among the 7 SEC teams that spent more than UCLA, only LSU spent over $1.4 million more)
Notre Dame (and all other independents)
All Sun Belt, MAC, WAC, Conference USA and Mountain West teams
Every single Big XII team except Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech
Every single Big Ten(11) team except Ohio State
All ACC teams excpet Clemson

The source is 2003-04 Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act reports, Department of Education, so last year's figures may be slightly different.