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MSM out of the media day: UCLA QB situation is unclear

Lots of stories in the LA rags today.  After reading the stories in the OC Register and Daily News, I am still not sure what to make of our quarterback situation.  DO is the starter says Dorrell, but his job is not safe.  Here is Rich Hammond from the Daily News (where the heck is Brian Dohn?):

UCLA quarterback Drew Olson's starting job will be up for grabs from the moment he steps onto UCLA's practice field next week. Rather than offer some bland words of comfort to his starting quarterback, Bruins head coach Karl Dorrell is intrigued at the thought of Olson being under tremendous pressure.

Dorrell confirmed at Tuesday's Pac-10 Media Day event that Olson will be the Bruins' No. 1 quarterback entering fall camp, but also made it clear the job is there for the taking, as are many others.

UCLA's season opens Sept. 3 against San Diego State, and as Dorrell sees it, the depth chart could change significantly over the next four-plus weeks, with the quarterback spot being the most obvious position battle.

"We now have a level of competition, and it's important for everyone to understand that they are competing and that there are jobs at stake," said Dorrell, entering his third season.

"Everybody will be looking at quarterback ... but there are positions like that across the board. There are a number of positions on defense where we have young players who have strong desires to be starters."
Way to start the pre-season camp with a sense of stability.  Our 4th year senior QB is entering his 3rd year under the current HC, and his position as the starting QB is still unclear.  More from the OC Register:
LOS ANGELES - Drew Olson is healthy after January surgery to repair the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee and will go into fall camp as UCLA's incumbent quarterback.

But the competition at the position has changed considerably over the past two years, and Coach Karl Dorrell said Tuesday the senior will have to change with it if he is to be the Bruins' starter Sept. 3 at San Diego State.

Experience, Dorrell said, does not necessarily win out over raw ability. There are, he said, other parts to the equation that must be evaluated during camp, which starts Monday.


"Drew has not lost his job," Dorrell said. "But ... because of the nature of that position and how competitive his peers are at that position, he's got to stave off that competition. He's got to prove that he is the guy and that's going to be a lot harder than it's been the last two years. I think the quality of player at that position is better than it's ever been."
Again, if Dorrell had shown competence and leadership in handling explosive yet sensitive quarterback controversy situation in his two years at UCLA, then I wouldn't be so worried.  But considering how he completely screwed up the Olson/Moore fiasco two years ago - I am worried.  Can you imagine the media pressure if DO starts off on the wrong foot against SDSU?