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Tuesday Football News

It's hard to believe that game time is just a few days away. Make sure to review O's outstanding game preview for SDSU.

Kuwada from the OCR reports that Ben Olson's injured hand may be more serious than initially believed.

There's also a note about former Mater Dei HS and and Notre Dame freshman DT Brandon Nicolas, who reportedly is transferring from ND and will decide between Colorado and UCLA sometime this week.

Finally, there is a note on some scholarships handed out to walk-ons LB Christian Taylor, QB Brian Callahan, WR Andrew Baumgartner, and S Charlie Schuh. Congrats on being rewarded for your hard work guys.

Lonnie White of the LAT has a piece with some Blurbs from Larry Kerr discussing how miserable his D was last year and how the players have learned from the experience and will play "fast and hard" this season. We certainly hope that's the case coach.

Oh, and Coach Dorrell is going to speak at Friday Morning's Westwood Bruins TD Club Breakfast. If any BN readers are able to make it, will you ask the coach WTF he was talking about when he discussed camp in his Monday Press Conference:

In terms of camp, we had a very good camp. I'm really excited about how things have turned out... But we have some very capable people who are going to come up and do a nice job for us. We've been used to this type of pattern before. We had a young defensive line last year and some guys who had to play. We are not as young as we were a year ago. (Wow, really?) We're a little bit better in terms of our technique, size, strength and those types of things. (A 'little bit?')We still might have a young player or two that will have to play for us, which better than having six or seven new guys having to play for you. (Really?) But camp went great.

Then, our fearless leader left us with these words of inspiration about the fearsome team from SDSU:

We are just hoping to get everything going and ready to go by Saturday night.

We hope so too coach.

Brian Dohn from the LADN stays on the topic of defense in his piece on UCLA's newly discovered strategy of stopping Stopping the Run. Starting DT Nate Skaggs chimes in on the staff's innovative defensive philosophy:

"Defensive coordinator Larry Kerr's philosophy is to stop the run, and coach Moore's addition to that is stop the run on the way to the quarter back," Skaggs said. "That's the intensity we're aiming for."

Guess what? The Bruins have a "new attitude" this year as well:

"I think we have a new attitude," Lombard said. "We're going to stop the run. There's no ifs, ands or buts about it. We're going to get the job done."

I wonder if this "new attitude" is the same "new attitude" and "buzz" that swept the program when Dorrell took over? At least everyone's on the same page now! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Stay tuned this week as the Dorrell speak goes into high gear.