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Great UCLA Write-up by CFN's Matt Smith

CFN's Matt Smith ("Mr. Pac 10") has put together one of the most honest and comprehensive analyses of this year's UCLA team that I have seen so far.

Here's some of the good stuff, with emphasis added:

The clock is ticking on the tenure of Bruins head coach Karl Dorrell.  Two straight bowl losses to non-BCS schools (choking against a clearly inferior Wyoming team was especially galling, all the more so because it happened right after UCLA showed promise by playing USC tough) are unacceptable, as is an overall record under .500.  With a veteran squad packed with seniors and returning starters, this is their best chance to make a move, and for Dorrell, it's almost certainly his last chance.
Fortunately this team is stacked with enough talent to be a major player in the Pac-10 race.  Certainly, there are some question marks, but unlike most other teams, there aren't any glaring holes to worry about either.  Other than USC, this is probably the most well-balanced team in the Pac-10, with plenty of talent in each unit.
The key for UCLA to take a big step up and become a power again is consistency.  More than anyone else, the last two years the Bruins have been consistently inconsistent.  Every year, it seems you can count on them blowing at least one game they have no business losing, usually on the road (see: Stanford in 2003, and Wazzu, Wyoming and very nearly Washington in 2004).  That has to end, or someone else is going to get the chance to guide this team to dominance.

The Bruins have as good a chance as anyone of finishing second and maybe even better if USC slips a little. If they want to realize their potential, though, they need to play more consistently, especially away from the Rose Bowl, or this will end up just being another disappointing season.

It's good to see that college football writers feel that Dorrell has the talent and experience he needs to lead this team to a break out season.

We hope UCLA wins 10 games and that Coach Dorrell proves us all wrong.

But please, no more excuses.