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ESPN Officially Reaching Out to Lowest Common Denominator

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I don't even know where to start with this.

The so called "worldwide leader in sports" has offically lost it.'s Page 2 reached out to a SUC female sophomore to be a special contributor to the site so she can write about how cute Matt Leinart is. Great use of bandwidth.

ESPN has offically become the standard bearer for MSM drivel.

First, there's the whole east coast bias thing especially when it comes to ESPN's college basketball coverage and their insistance on jamming Duke Vitale and Digger Phillips down our throats. Then, the site makes all of their useful and interesting information premium. Now they think we want to read this shit? ESPN is seriously slipping.

Oh, there's more.

According to Erica:

USC fans are hard core. By some teams' standards, you're a faithful fan if you attend a few games a year. That just doesn't cut it here in South Central. We love our football, and missing a game is sacrilegious.

Of course, as a sophomore, little Erica wasn't around when UCLA was beating that ass for 8 straight. If I remember correctly, trOJies weren't very "hardcore" back in those days.

I don't think there's anything wrong with allowing a college student to contribute to the site. As a matter of fact, a student in Erica's situation would probably have the best perspective on matters such as Eric Wright's dorm-based pharmacy business, Manuel Wright's playful behavior, Winston Justice's affinity for guns and prostitutes, and Hershell Dennis and company's treatment of Erica's fellow co-eds.

Now that would be some journalism, damnit. More on ESPN's mindless bootlicking of SUC to come.