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Horrell Dorrell is whining ...

Apparently going into his third year Coach Karl is still clueless.  He still doesn't get why he is in hot water with alums, students, fans who have a reality based take on Bruin football after a two sh!tty years in Westwood.  He hasn't had one winning season yet. None. Zero. Zilch. He is 1-10 against teams with winning records.  Of course other coaches will use that type of number against Duhrell, when they recruit against him. But Karl simply doesn't get it.  Here is Karl whining:

Karl Dorrell has little patience with critics who are putting him on the coaching hot seat.

"I know my job is not in jeopardy," he said.

But it's not the media speculation that bothers him most -- it's hearing about it in living rooms while recruiting.

Dorrell, without naming names, said other schools are bad-mouthing the Bruins, claiming he might be fired at the end of the year. He termed this "telling lies," and noted that he is confident it won't happen while he competes for recruits with new Washington coach Tyrone Willingham.

"I would never bash any other program for my benefit," Dorrell said. "I know for a fact Tyrone won't do that ... but it's happening. That's what is disappointing, when your peers do that to you."
Oh dear Gawd.  Where is the freaking whaaaaaaaaambulance.  Uhm Karl ... of course this is happening, because you have been nothing short of horrible in your first two years.

Again, just in case in you need a quick reminder, here is again a close look into your sh!tty 12-13 record at UCLA:
8 of his 12 wins have come against...

SDSU, Illinois, Washington and Arizona.

Of our 12 wins in the KD era, 11 of them have come against sub-500 programs. 8 of those 11 wins have come against 4 teams.

Of our 13 losses, 10 have come against above-500 programs but 3 have come against sub-500 programs.

KD has a 9% winning percentage against teams over .500
KD needs to realize that so far he has been nothing short of a joke, a pathetic sick joke on Bruin fans who saw the mirage of 20 game winning streak in 98-99 and were dreaming of big things.  This is KD's money year.  He needs to put up the numbers or shut the f*ck up.  He cannot be whining like a little baby. He has not done anything to get that benefit of doubt.  He needs to come up with 9 wins and beat SC to keep his job.  He has to earn respect as a professional head coach because he has done nothing to deserve it.