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More Pub for UCLA Football

Well, not exactly the kind we here at BN hope for. This piece is actually from January, but it speaks volumes about the current state of UCLA Football. From

You have got to be kidding me!! (one game flops)

#1. UCLA and Wyoming? Have you ever been to Westwood or Laramie? How can you feel you are making progress and on the right track? Give the Cowboys credit, but this might have been the most embarrassing loss in college football.

I know, we've heard about the loss to Wyoming ad nauseum. However, we refuse to become complacent. Despite the gushing you here coming from the shiny happy blue message boards about "turning corners" and "new attitudes," this is how the rest of the world sees your UCLA Football program right now.

We here at BN just want to see the day when write-ups about UCLA Football don't include words like "embarassing" and "one game flops."

We deserve better.