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Random Ben Olson thoughts

This isn't really a well-thought out post.  It's more of a topic for discussion.  There has been a lot of talk that Ben is attempting to change his throwing motion and mechanics.

On the one hand, that could be good, and make him a better QB.  On the other hand, his natural/learned (or "bad habits" depending on your perspective) throwing motion is what led him to being the #1 recruit as a high school senior.  

Should the coaches totally break him down and start over?  Or work with what he has?

I don't want to compare Ben to one of the greats at this point, but Dan Marino mentioned something along those lines that got me thinking about this:

Coach Sherrill, I'll never forget your passion for the game and I'll also never forget the advice you gave me the summer of my freshman year. After coach Sherrill watched me throw for 15 minutes, he pulled me over, he said, 'Son, whatever you do, don't let anybody change your style on how you throw the football. You just keep throwing it like you're throwing it. Coach, thanks.

Jeff Tedford, incidentally, thinks certain aspects of mechanics can be overcoached.  However, it is worth noting that this article goes into a lot of depth about what he teaches.  

Tedford has developed a lot of QBs into NFL players.  However, some have criticized him, saying that he doesn't necessarily teach QBs how to be good NFL QBs.  

That's about it.  Just wondering what everyone else thinks about the Ben Olson experiment.