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Havner Looking to Bring Some Respect Back to UCLA

Good time to bring back this post up again. Remember this from August? I guess Havner would agree with us when we say for this season to be considered successfull or respectful, we either must beat SC or go 10-2- Nestor

(Hat tip to McCloskey for bringing this article to our attention.)

Steve Bisheff from the OC Register has a nice writeup on our all everything LB Spencer Havner. Spencer just wants to bring some respect back to Westwood:

"For me, to be respected means at least double-digit wins," Havner said, "and to play in a major bowl and have a great performance in the bowl."

Spencer is one of my all-time favorite Bruins, and he obviously gets it.

Anything less than 10 wins and a major bowl game is not good enough for him. If the players feel this way, is there any reason why we shouldn't?