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Thursday Football News

It's getting real close. Got the surround sound dialed in, errands taking the wife out of the house during the game, and the fridge stocked for this weekend.

Kuwada at the OCR has a little piece on UCLA's OL blocking techniques. Apparently, SDSU head coach Tom Craft took offense to some of our OL's tactics in last year's game. Our guys basically tell Coach Craft to go Cheney himself. Dohn at the LADN chimes in on the topic of the cut block as well.

Kuwada also brings up the fact that we have 5 players from the Bayou state on the roster.
Lonnie White at the LAT reports that the all of the players' families were able to evacuate before the chaos began.

If you are able, you can donate to the American Red Cross here. Thoughts and prayers go out to our Louisiana natives and their families.

White also has a brief writeup on one of our most underestimated offensive weapons, Justin Medlock . Justin apparently told Dorrell that he's comfortable with anything inside 55 yards. As much as we love the excitement of a last second 50 yard field goal, we'd much rather see touchdown passes to Marcedes Lewis and long runs by Maurice Drew.

Finally, Jill Painter at the the LADN has a great article emphasizing our theme--that it's Time for Dorrell to Win Now. It's nice to see the local writers starting to apply the pressure:

The evaluation is no longer about the foundation. It is based on wins and losses.

Couldn't have said it better myself Jill.

No more excuses. Win 9 or resign.