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Game day round up and Saturday musings ...

Yes ... finally here. Home opener. We get to see those gold helmets and coolest jerseys in college football storming out of home team tunnel of the cathedral of college football:

I am not at all worried about our today's game against a pathetic opponent.  As I have said before I am expecting at least a 25 point smackdown, and I want KD to feature Maurice Drew so that he can rack up 200-300 all purpose yards, setting him nicely for the showdown game against Adrian Peterson.  By the way speaking of the Sooners (yes I will get to today's rags in a bit), not sure if you have seen this already -  Oklahoma's new starter, Rhett Bomar got busted for alcohol possession. Oy vez!  Wonder if Mike Stoops was visiting Norman to hang out at his old digs? Again ... there will be no excuses for losing this game next Saturday.

Ok ... back to today's game.  Despite some isolated Dorrell hype by a local idiot, there is an undercurrent of worries concerning our defense.  Dohn as usual looks beyond the score of our last weekend's cup-cake game against the Aztecs.  Our rush defense is a concern:

UCLA allowed 156 yards rushing last week at San Diego State - not the 441 the Bruins gave up in the 2004 opener against Oklahoma State, but enough to raise an eyebrow.

Add the loss of defensive tackle Kevin Brown to injury, the transfer of defensive tackle C.J. Niusulu, and last year's 105th-ranked rushing defense (210 yards per game), and the red flag is raised.

The Bruins contend they are better this season, but much remains unknown. UCLA is a 24-point favorite over Rice tonight at the Rose Bowl, but the Owls run an option offense, which mixes in shotgun formations, and led the nation in rushing last season at 306.6 yards per game.

Rice, playing its season opener, says it will throw the ball more this season. But its strength on offense remains the run, which plays directly against UCLA's biggest uncertainty on defense.
Kuwada from OC Register also thinks that Rice could be a challenge for UCLA because ... because they had an explosive practice last weekend?  We will see I guess ... how our DL responds.  Let's hope they get the confidence they need for bottling up Peterson and co. next Saturday.  Because I am definitely not in the mood of hearing the excuse of our how our players ... are ... you know ... young.  Dohn is catching on this Dorrell trend of having to coach players who are forever young:
UCLA's coaches and players talk about the need for experience - the same mantra as 12 months ago - but it will have to come quickly if the defense is to improve.
lol.  Well one player we know is not so "young" any more is senior LB - Spencer Havner.  And, this morning's Times report focuses on the Bruin superstar.  Oh ... and another player who will probably not making the "young" excuse is our senior QB Drew Olson, who is feeling good about this season (9 wins) because of his experience:
Drew Olson's statistics were modest in the season opener at San Diego State. He completed 10 of 15 for 152 yards, but UCLA's senior quarterback had a different feeling than usual.

Despite 50,000 fans at Qualcomm Stadium, Olson played in calm quietness. He said it was the most comfortable he has been in the 34 games he's played for UCLA.

"I felt so relaxed," said Olson, who leads the offense tonight against Rice. "I felt so good out there. It was fun to be out there again. The game has dropped down just a whole other notch, as far as speed-wise out there. That's how it should be, being a senior quarterback with all the experience."

Olson said his tranquility on the field comes from much of the expected things, such as knowing the complex offensive system better, being in the best shape of his career and his experience.
9 (regular season) wins Drew.  9 wins.

Anyways, besides our cupcake again, this is going to be a tasty CFB Saturday.  Did anyone of you watch Pitt-Ohio game last night?  Wow, Pitt is atrocious.  Wanstadt is almost as horrible as Dorrell, and all on a sudden ND's win over Pitt last weekend isn't looking all that impressive.  Will Teddy Ginn explode against the Longhorns?  And, it will be interesting to see how LSU responds against ASU.  Can't imagine the emotions Tigers will be experiencing today.

Well that's about it ... I am going to get ready to watch the idiots (minus Trev!) of Eastern Sports Programming Network.