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Boomer Sooners, here we come ... (Sunday roundups/thoughts)

Finally we destroy a tomato can of a football team ... err ... we are supposed to pummel.  I am glad Karl Dorrell is figuring out how to keep a team focused for a pathetic opponent, who has no business hanging with our second unit.  Let's hope last night was the beginning of a trend, not an aberration. Here are the game recaps from the LA Times, Daily News, and OC Register. As A noted below HEISMAN CANDIDATE Maurice Drew was spectacular (again):

HEISMAN CANDIDATE Maurice Drew blowing past hapless, no name Texans (photo credit - Lori Shepler / LAT)

Drew Olson was also impressive, probably notching his most complete game, even though it came in his senior year, against the most pathetic team he has played in his four year career in Westwood:

Looking nothing like the quarterback who once alternated interceptions and touchdowns, Drew Olson completed a swift ascent from steady to spectacular in the second game of his senior season.

Of course, the tykes who engaged in a spirited halftime battle on the Rose Bowl turf Saturday night might have provided Olson with a stiffer challenge than the porous Rice defense did during UCLA's 63-21 victory.

Displaying uncanny accuracy and efficiency, Olson completed 18 of 25 passes for 296 yards and three touchdowns in little more than two quarters of play. He completed passes to eight receivers, including Junior Taylor and Joe Cowan, neither of whom had made a reception during the Bruins' season-opening 44-21 victory over San Diego State.

"That was the goal tonight, to get those guys involved," said Olson, who guided the Bruins to touchdowns on each of their six first-half possessions. "The passing offense just got a little more opportunity this week, and that's what the difference was."
Yes, I did enjoy watching how we got our WR corps (besides no. 19) into the game.  Painter reports on how they are catching on.  In fact the pass distribution was great, as Drew and Koral (in his mop up appearance) dished out the ball to 9 different receivers.  And, I like this freshmen kid Moya.  He had a sweet catch over the middle during the first quarter.  It did take us 13 plays to get the ball to Marcedes, but when the offense was clicking like that in all cylinders, it was smart not to force anything and let him integrate into the offense through the game flow.

One aspect of the game, which continues to be a huge concern is our rushing defense (again).  Last night we gave up almost 200 yards of rushing against those Cal State Fullertons of Texas.  Not good.  And especially disconcerting, after Adrian Peterson got revved up with a 200 yards rushing game against Tulsa yesterday afternoon.  Adande (of LA Times) has the same worries:
The Bruins need to work on their containment. Once Rice players popped outside, they had a national park's worth of space around them.

And with Oklahoma coming to the Rose Bowl next Saturday, the emphasis all week will be defending the run. Just more than a week ago, TCU showed the Sooners can be defeated if you put the game in the hands of their quarterbacks and concentrate on stopping running back Adrian Peterson. Saturday, Tulsa showed how difficult that strategy can be to implement. Peterson broke loose for 220 rushing yards and three touchdowns, single-handedly outscoring Tulsa in Oklahoma's 31-15 win.
By the way I did watch the Tulsa-OU game, and the Sooners looked pathetic (despite Adrian's huge game).  We should be able to toy around with that defense if we unleash Maurice, Chris, Marcedes, Junior, Brandon et al. together spreading the ball all around the field.  And our defense will need to tee up on Adrian, because Bomar looked horrible against a Tulsa team, which I believe had lost 8 games in a row (someone please correct me if I am wrong on that one).  Sooners defense just doesn't look as intimidating as it did few years ago, and they certainly don't seem too equipped or experienced to handle a well coordinated, diversified passing attacked supplemented by a good running game.  We certainly hope the UCLA offense which has come out strong against two cupcakes will come through against a good team (certainly not an elite one any more) next Saturday.

Speaking of watching others games, took in a bunch yesterday besides parts of Tulsa v. OU:

-Pitt @ Ohio (Friday night)(1st and late 4th quarter/OT)
-ND @ Michigan (1st and 4th quarter)
-USC @ Georgia (1st and 3rd qs)
-Texas @ OSU (1st, 3rd, and 4th qs)
-LSU @ASU (1st and 4th)
-Clemson at Maryland (1st q)
-UNC @ Georgia Tech (4th)
-KSU @ Marshall (4th q)
-Iowa at Iowa St (1st q)

Some quick thoughts here:

I am still not totally sold on ND.  Their win over Pitt is kind of a fluke, because Pitt (under Wannstedt) is quiet simply atrocious and a horrible football team.  And Michigan didn't look all that impressive against Northern Illinois a week ago on defense.  Granted ND's defense is looking better than last season, but I definitely don't think they are a BCS team yet, which the idiots from ESPN are already uttering for ND.

What can I say about Texas/OSU. Still scratching my head at Tressel's decision to put in Justin Zwick, who had not done anything the whole game in the money drive of the game (I am writing this assuming all of you watched the game - if you are not sure WTF I am referring to just let me know in the comments section, I'd be happy to explain). OSU was mostly ineffective in offense settling for FGs after getting TOs after TOs, yet the whole game only QB who was actually mounting a semblance of offensive drive was Troy Smith, and Tressel sat him down.  I am not the only one. All the Buckeyes fans I was watching the game with were just as dumbfounded too.  A horrible move by a great football coach.  Guess it happens to everyone.

Speaking of great football coach, the ole' ball coach had his COCKS almost pull out an upset against Dawgs.  Man ... what would have been if we had the coaching at the sidelines of Rose Bowl.  We'd be averaging 80 points a game after the first two game this season.

ACC football is boring to watch, and as much as I love living where I live, this is the only drawback - having to watch football games involving UNC, Maryland, Ga Tech et al.  Just can't take those teams football programs seriously.

Back to the Bruins ... we are now set up for a huge week.  Dorrell has 2 wins, he needs 7 more (regular season wins).  Sooners are coming to a town, and everyone one of us at Bruins Nation are expecting a DOMINATING Bruin win in less than 150 hours. Yes .. this will be the biggest game of Dorrell's career.  And we are expecting to write next Sunday morning ... 3 down, 6 more to go. GO BRUINS.