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Sooners in our mind

We have been pointing towards September 17th for a while now, and all along we have been expecting a win.  And, now the Sooner week is here, and it seems like we got right where we want them.  Our offense should be tuned up after getting its kicks in against two hapless cupcakes.  Our D still have questions to answer, but mission doesn't seem all that impossible now that we are taking on a Sooners team, which is basically one dimensional, or should we say one person team on offense riding Adrian Peterson's back.  As always, I am really looking forward to O's preview of this weekend's game.

But the chatter about this game is already in full swing in the Sooner message boards.  The faithful in Norman are worried about the Bruins, which is evident in so many of their gloom and doom predictions for the coming Saturday.

We are going to make this point throughout next 6 days - this is a MUST WIN game for Dorrell.  A close loss or the so called "moral victory" is not going to cut it. And, we want a dominating win, not a close win over a Sooners team with no good QB play, and a shoddy defense which couldn't stop Tulsa.  Check out this post on the Sooners blog, recapping their Tulsa game:

Tulsa quarterback Paul Smith took hit after hit after hit while completing pass after pass to tight end Garrett Mills. Smith finished 24-36 with one interception and 246 yards. 13 of those completions were to Mills for a total of 152 yards. This baffles me. Mills was the only, and I mean only, threat Tulsa had through the air, and he still roamed freely underneath the Oklahoma secondary. What this tells me is OU had better improve its linebacker and safety play over the next seven days, because if you thought Mills was good today wait and see Mercedes Lewis for UCLA.

Smith was also excellent scrambling, totaling 48 yards rushing despite being harassed nearly every time he dropped back. OU constantly blitzed to provide pressure, but Smith proved both calm and elusive. Tulsa had no other running game, however, averaging only 2.5 yards per carry. Rufus Alexander was huge against the run, with 4 tackles for loss. Dusty Dvoracek drew constant doubles teams, which freed up the Oklahoma linebackers to shoot the gaps and stuff the running of Uril Parrish.
So a no name QB from Tulsa can put up abour 250 yards rushing against the Sooners defense with no running game and hang in there in Norman. So imagine what should we expect from the DO, who is coming off one of the best games in his career, with a recharged WR corps, experienced OL, and unstoppable Drew and Lewis.  You see why we are expecting an offensive explosion next Saturday?

Of course we are aware of our defense with its average rush defense, that hasn't wowed anybody. And they are going to go up against Adrian Peterson who got his engine officially started yesterday. But that is pretty much all OU has at this snap shot of time. It will be up to Larry Kerr and his defense to earn their stripes and contain AP and put all out pressure on Bomar (who was not impressive at all) at the Rose Bowl.

Anyways, unfortunately have to end this post on a somber note. And it is concerning our Heisman Candidate Maurice Drew.  Apparently Maurice was led off the field in the 4th qtr.  Apparently his grandfather had collapsed at the game. He later passed away.  Mo was quite close to his Grandfather. Maurice our prayers are thoughts are with you and your entire family.