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Sooners week roundup - day 1

Brian Dohn has more on the tragedy striking the family of our Heisman Candidate Maurice Drew.  Our prayers are with you Maurice.

Not much in this morning's papers, since they are full of NFL coverage.  Lonnie White reports that Marcedes had no problem playing the role of a "decoy" receiver in last game, catching only 2 passes, while 8 other receivers headed by Junior and  Brandon caught passes from Olson.  It is a good sign that the coaching staff is getting all receivers involved, and featuring so many threats in our offense. But Oklahoma is going to be a money game, and in a money game like this we are going to need our money players.  Marcedes will need to let lose this Saturday.  The greats like Rice, Moss find a way to get open, and their QBs and OCs find a way to get the ball to them even if they are double/triple teamed.  They are electrifying talents, and one big play from them changes the complexion of an entire game.  Let's hope the Cable and co. are working overtime on how to get Marcedes more involved this coming Saturday.  OC Register's K.J.M. Singleton basically rewrites Jill Painter report from yesterday about our wide receivers "catching up."  Looks like Singleton is working hard to earn that paycheck.

Anyways, lot more on the Sooners throughout the week.  For now though we are hoping to submit our vote for the blogpoll by tomorrow.  And we want to know who should we vote for no. 1.  Both O, and yours truly have already decided that Texas should be no. 1 over U$C, since Trojies haven't played any one this season, and we are not convinced that they are capable of beating a team like the Buckeyes on their home field.  If you disagree with us and want us to vote for the Trojans as the no. 1 team in American, then let us know by commenting on this post or in this one .  Otherwise, if the Trojans do not garner over 60 percent in the poll in our right column, we are going to exercise our moderator privileges and vote for the Longhorns as the no. 1 team in America.  Again, right now we believe Texas is the better team.  Actually personally I think LSU is better than U$C.  I don't think the Trojans would have been able pull of the dramatic win in Tempe if they were under the same circumstances.