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Can Dorrell beat a "class program"?

That is what long time Bruins fan Charles Chiccoa (an old school blogger without a blog?) is wondering in his free column (more like a long winded blogpost/musing) posted on a paid site.  CC thinks Sooners are still a "class program." Well ... the Sooners are definitely a class program traditionally, but not sure if this year they have a "class team", beating whom will be worthy of taking note.  Here are the most relevant portions of Chiccoa's column (emphasis mine):

There seems little doubt UCLA has the more dangerous offense. The Bruins have more weapons and even their O line looks stronger. Maurice Drew, Marcedes Lewis, Chris Markey, a quick, brutal fullback, and now the wide receivers have joined the party. For the Bruin offense, the question remains whether Drew Olson can sustain his new-found level of play against a class program like Oklahoma... and whether the Bruins, as a team, can sustain their aggressive, confident play in such a clutch game. Turnovers are often a sign of tightness in games like this. How many times in the past have we seen a team unravel coming into a spotlight they were unused to, getting off to a bad start they couldn't quite overcome. I'm sure the players are more confident than the rest of us, and I would hope the Sooners are beginning to feel some insecurity. The key to the game, the most interesting aspect, is likely a doubtful Bruin defense facing a slumping Sooner offense. If the Bruins don't get some early stops, if Peterson begins to induce flashbacks of Vernand Morency, it's time to worry. I don't care about Bob Toledo's preference; I'd hate to see some kind of offensive shootout.

How many of these crossroads games have we endured since Miami? And how many have been unhappy? It's past time the Bruins finally grabbed the brass ring, and this chance - favored at home vs. a "national power" with a bad case of the quarterback blues - looks to be... kind of bright. If only Kevin Brown hadn't gone down. If only Hickman was a sure thing.  But good teams find a way to win, regardless... a way to play `em as they lay and still come out on top. Here we go again.
Before the season started we marked this game as a win. Now that the Sooners are probably not even worthy of being in the top-25, we are not only expecting a win, we are expecting a decisive one.  NO EXCUSES for Dorrell.  He needs to BLOW OUT the Sooners.