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BruinNation's Ballot in Blogpoll - Week 3

So this how we voted on our blog poll this week after our discussion and internal voting (looks like 60 percent of BruinsNation would vote for someone else besides USC as the no. 1 team in America.  We are voting for Texas as the no. 1 team because we just don't think SC right now is capable of beating Ohio State (Tressel's bonehead decision notwithstanding at the shoe). Here you have it:

1. Texas (our no. 1 after the gargantuan win in CBus)
2. Southern Cal (just not buying Pom Pom Peter's hyper)
3. LSU (America's team for week 2 and perhaps beyond)
4. Georgia (Richt/Shockley off to a good start)
5. Virginia Tech (Vick shines against Duke Vitale U)
5. Tennessee (it's gonna be fun reading EDSBS this week).
7. Florida (We could have hired Urban at cheaper rate than 14-13 Dorrell)
8. Florida State (still not impressed by the Nike contingent)
9. Ohio State (Tressell ... what were you thinking putting Zwick in?)
10. Louisville (see FSU)
11. Notre Dame (knocking on top-10)
12. Michigan (Blue will rebound IMO)
13. Arizona State (still think Bruins are better than these guys)
14. Georgia Tech (close call against the Tarheels)
15. Miami (Florida)
15. Boston College (fun times in Chestnut Hill)
17. California (Tedford performs magic act on Ayoub in just 6 days)
18. Purdue(could be the surprise Big-10 champ, they are not playing anyone)
19. Texas Tech (possible future Bruins coach rolls on)
20. UCLA (here comes Dorrell's reality check, no excuses for not going 3-0)
21. Clemson (Bowden gets a big win against the Fridge)
22. Minnesota (Mason, Donahue of the Midwest)
23. Wisconsin (Alvarez's farewell tour rolling on)
24. Alabama (tentative debut)
25. Iowa State (Bruins take note, this is how you beat your arch enemy, no matter what the odds)

Out from last week: Iowa, Oklahoma, TCU

In this week: Clemson, Alabama, Iowa State

Games I watched: Pitt @ Ohio (Friday night)(1st and late 4th quarters/OT);Tulsa @ OU (1st and 2nd quarters);ND @ Michigan (1st and 4th quarter);USC @ Georgia (1st and 3rd qs);Texas @ OSU (1st, 3rd, and 4th qs);LSU @ASU (1st and 4th);Clemson at Maryland (1st q);UNC @ Georgia Tech (4th);KSU @ Marshall (4th q);Iowa at Iowa St (1st q)

Fire away your thoughts.