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(Sorry) Sooners week roundup (Peterson gets suspended) - Day 2

(UPDATED 9:25 am EST- N) Adrian Peterson is suspended for 2 days from practice!:

"Adrian is not practicing on Monday or Tuesday due to a class attendance issue,?? Stoops said. "We anticipate that he will play in this week?s game and that this matter will be behind us after Tuesday?s practice,? Stoops said.
HT to HP. Wow. Sooners imploding infront of our eyes. Dorrell should think about resigning if he cannot beat these sorry Sooners.

Yes Simers is the court jester (the EDSBS, nothing wrong with this role Orson!) of the MSM in Los Angeles.  Yes he usually writes to get a rise out of fans, but behind his ridicules and cynicism there is always an undercurrent flow of reality check.  TJ nails 14-13 mediocre Bruin head coach again:
It sounded like another wasted news conference, listening to UCLA football Coach Karl Dullard talk about taking one game at a time, the lights out in the J.D. Morgan Center and members of the media fighting individually not to be the first one to snore out loud.

I caught FSN West's Bill Macdonald closing his eyes, but for all I know he was dealing with a migraine -- and the UCLA alum reminder he'll soon be doing Laker games again with Jack Haley.

The Bruins are about to tackle Oklahoma, the biggest credibility check to date in Dullard's ho-hum, three-year, 14-13 reign as coach, and he was trying to put the kibosh on pregame hype with the old "every game is a big game" line of snooze.

"That's how we're set up," Dullard said. "We need to prove to you that we can be victorious each and every week, and to do that, we need to treat each game the same way."

The next month of attention is going to belong to USC and dates with Oregon, Arizona State and Notre Dame, and so you would have thought the Bruin program would've enjoyed a moment in the spotlight. But now I think I know who was responsible for turning off the electricity.
More from Simers here. Brian Dohn also as usual makes some key points in his this morning's Daily News UCLA report (emphasis mine):
When Oklahoma blew out UCLA by 35 points two years ago, the Sooners were the top-ranked team in the nation and the Bruins were looking for direction under a first-year coach.

The circumstances are different as the teams prepare for Saturday's matchup at the Rose Bowl, but third-year UCLA coach Karl Dorrell still views the struggling Sooners, who are ranked No. 21, as a chance for the Bruins to take a significant step.

UCLA, which is a touchdown favorite, is 1-7 against ranked teams under Dorrell, and his biggest win was at Oregon last season, when the Ducks failed to qualify for a bowl.

"It's big for our program," Dorrell said. "This is a game that is a measuring stick-type of game to see what we're all about, and our players are ready for the next step."
Yes KD this is a MUST WIN game for you if you want to start building a track record of credibility with the BruinsNation.

Elsewhere here is Lonnie, reporting points we have already laid out - OU will be going to Adrian Peterson and our DL will be the key. Lonnie must be reading us every night.

Lastly Robert Kuwada of the OC Register is having an orgasm over Drew Olson's "hot start" against two of the shittiest team in college football.  Simmer down Rob.  We love the DO too.  But we are waiting for him to have a big mistake-free game against a real team.  Doing well against the Sooners even though they are not what they used to be, would be a good start.  And then we can start wondering about whether Drew Olson is too hot to sit.