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Sooners week roundup - day 3

Quarterback getting busted for alcohol possession, star running back getting suspended (just for practice though) for violating rules - no we are not talking about the nightmarish Bruin team from 2001, but this year's Boomers Sooners.  LA Times (I guess Lonnie's sidekick?) Ben Bolch takes a look at Stoops troops, has this shocking revelation that Bruin defense will probably tee off on Adrian Peterson, and it will be up to Sooner QB, Rhett Bomar to step up:

[E]verything is far from OK with an Oklahoma offense that has been one-dimensional. Including his 24 yards receiving, Peterson has accounted for 348 of the Sooners' 494 yards -- 70%.

So you stop Peterson and you pretty much stifle the Sooners, right?

"Everyone is going to try to shut A.P. down, and me and the receivers are going to have to step up," said Bomar, who has been tabbed for his second consecutive start. "We're not worried about that."

Stoops might feel otherwise. Asked to assess the play of his quarterback against Tulsa, the coach called it "pretty average."
Like we said a long time ago, Bruin DLs will have to give Rhett Bomar the same treatment one of the Ball brothers dished up to a Washington QB few years ago (die hard Bruin fans knows what I am talking about).

Moving on to Dohn, he has a report on how our Heisman Candidate, Maurice Drew will be honoring his late grandfather who passed away at the game last Saturday:
Junior tailback Maurice Drew, UCLA's leading rusher, will honor his late grandfather by adding his last name to the back of his jersey for the rest of his collegiate career.

His grandfather, Maurice Jones, died after suffering a heart attack in the stands during the second half of the win against Rice. When the Bruins face No. 21 Oklahoma at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, the back of his No. 21 jersey will read Jones-Drew.

"I lived with him for more than half my life, so he was kind of like my dad," Drew said. "My mom had to travel an hour to work every day so she couldn't take me to school. I stayed with him, so he took me to school every day. He taught me a lot of things."

Jones was a central figure in teaching his grandson about teamwork and to remain humble. He encouraged him in football, and urged him to take ballet lessons to aid his balance.

He said he was told his grandfather suffered a mild heart attack, but he could not be revived. Drew left the Rose Bowl field midway through the fourth quarter.

"It's tough, but he kind of prepared me beforehand a little bit by giving me little hints. He knew it was coming," Drew said. "Just knowing that he died at a place like the Rose Bowl, where he loved to watch me play, and he was having fun while he was there (is comforting).

"The doctor told me he didn't feel anything when it happened, so it makes it that much easier for me to work through it."

In the final game Jones witnessed, Drew electrified the crowd with a 66-yard punt return for a touchdown, and also scored on a 4-yard run.
Drew is in a class all by himself, rapidly becoming one of my all time favorite Bruins.  Speaking of good kids, LA Times also has a profile on defensive tackle Chase Moline, who is making a difference at defensive tackle, despite being a little undersized.  Good to know the kid is making a mark.  Bruins will need him and his cohorts to step up this Saturday.  We just don't want to hear the excuse that our kids are too young.  Apparently they themselves think they are up to the challenge.  GO BRUINS.